Cryptocurrency: Alture (ALU)

Altura is an open web3-gaming infrastructure platform that combines all the tools developers need to integrate web3 into their games.

Altura makes it easy to mint, integrate, update, and transfer blockchain-backed assets in-game using free, powerful, well-documented API and SDKs so game developers can focus on what matters most - building games. Altura's platform supports five blockchains, including Ethereum, Polygon, BSC, Fantom, and Avalanche, and offers Smart NFT technology, enabling NFTs to be updated instantly and for free. Developers can list their games and NFTs on the Altura Marketplace, where thousands of users buy, sell and trade NFTs daily. Altura also offers staking, allowing ALU holders to earn up to 15% in staking rewards on their ALU.

Since Altura's inception in April of 2021, Altura has attracted over 300 developers to build on the platform and 45,000+ users to the Altura marketplace. Altura is powering the next generation of gaming, including games such as Oxya Origin, Search for Animera, Open World, Coin Racer, Argentics, and Arcade Inc.

Cryptocurrency New Listing Date
2024-05-25 06:46:02
Will List on huobi!
2024-05-25 06:46:02
2023-06-14 18:26:57
Will List on bitmart!
2023-06-14 18:26:57

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